Who is Isaac in EastEnders? Patrick and Sherees secret son


EASTENDERS fans were left stunned this week after Patrick Trueman discovered that Isaac Baptiste is his secret son.

Patrick was baffled further when Sheree insisted that Isaac must never know the truth about his father.

Isaac arrived on the Square over the festive period in EastEnders

Who is Isaac in EastEnders?

Fans have been left baffled as Sheree has gone to great lengths over the last few months to keep Isaacs existence secret from Patrick in EastEnders.

When Isaac showed up unannounced over the festive period, Sheree even pretended that she was having an affair and walked out for a while to stop the truth coming out.

But this week, viewers watched Patrick pin down his wife over his suspicions about her son Isaac.

He grew increasingly concerned last week after learning Isaacs age, realising that he could be his son.

He then confronted Sheree about their brief relationship back in the 1980s, which happened years before they got married in 2019.

Patrick demanded to know if Isaac was his son and Sheree was forced to admit the truth, before insisting that Isaac must never know.

Patrick pleaded with her: “I lost one son, Sheree. Please don’t let me go through my life not knowing another. Look me in the eye and tell me he is not mine.”

After beating around the bush, Sheree eventually told Patrick: “When Isaac was born, I had to make sure he was safe, accepted.

“Isaac is your son, Pat, but he can never know!”

Patrick confronted Sheree over suspicions that Isaac is his son in EastEnders

Why is Sheree keeping Patricks identity a secret from Isaac in EastEnders?

Fans are convinced that theres more to Sherees story after she insisted that Patrick’s identity must remain hidden from Isaac.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to express their confusion at the storyline.

One fan tweeted: “I’m still curious over Sheree. #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Stop lying Sheree. #EastEnders.”

Sheree has been hiding Isaac from Patrick for months in EastEnders

A third tweeted: “What is she hiding that Sheree, she’s just told Patrick Issac is his son but he shouldn’t know? Why? #EastEnders.”

A fourth added: “#EastEnders I really wanna know what sort of danger Patrick wouldve been to Isaac? Patrick was in a singing group. Not the mob. Was Sheree in an abusive relationship with someone else?”

What has EastEnders boss said about Isaacs troubled past?

Newcomer Isaac is played by actor Stevie Basaula.

Jon Sen, the soaps executive producer, said of his arrival: “We’re thrilled to welcome Stevie to EastEnders.

“We’ve teased the character of Isaac – the ‘other man’ in Sheree’s life – ever since her arrival six months ago.

“Today Isaac has arrived on the Square with bravado, charisma and his fair share of charm.

“A teacher with a troubled past, his story will unfold over the coming weeks as we discover just why Sheree has kept him away from Patrick these last few months.”


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