Who is Scott Mitchell and how long has he been married to Barbara Windor?


SCOTT Mitchell hit the limelight after getting hitched to actress Barbara Windsor, who is famous for playing EastEnders’ much-loved, no-nonsense landlady, Peggy Mitchell.

He has been vocal about Barbara’s battle with Alzheimer’s and has revealed she will have to move into a care home soon.

Dame Barbara Windsor and husband Scott Mitchell 

Who is Scott Mitchell?

Scott Mitchell is a former actor and recruitment consultant, who is married to EastEnders legend Barbara Windsor.

He is her third husband.

Scott once told  HOAR Online about how people suspected he was a gold digger when they first got together: “Little did they know that after the breakdown of Bar’s second marriage, she was £1million in debt and we were talking about her coming to live in my two-bed flat.”

To clear the bills, Barbara toured the country with a one-woman music hall show.

Barbara’s husband is a former actor and recruitment consultant who is the son of one of the actress’s friends

When did Scott Mitchell marry Barbara Windsor?

Scott married Barbara in 2000, after meeting the star in 1992 when she was 55 and he was 28.

He is the son of one of the actress’s friends.

The couple have been pictured together multiple times, including enjoying some sun in the Caribbean.

Scott is Barbara’s third husband after small-time gangster Ronnie Knight, who was an associate of the notorious Kray twins, and chef Stephen Hollings from 1986 to 1995.

Before Scott (pictured), Barbara was married to Ronnie Knight and chef Stephen Hollings

What has Scott said about Barbara’s health?

Scott has stood by Barbara for years, and has revealed the details of her ailing health in an exclusive interview with HOAR.

On May 10, 2018, it was confirmed that the Carry On legend has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

The now 82-year-old has reportedly been ­taking medication to help manage the degenerative brain disease, but in recent weeks her symptoms of memory loss and confusion have grown steadily worse.

On May 11, 2018, Scott revealed that Barbara sometimes forgets they are married.

In September 2018, Barbara’s close friend Christopher Biggins revealed the star had undergone an operation to have a pacemaker fitted, following complications caused by her Alzheimer’s medication.

In February 2020, Scott revealed that Babs is “comforted” knowing she’s helping others amid Alzheimer’s battle.

In June 2020, Scott revealed Barbara will have to move into a care home soon.


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