Will Cain and Moira split up in Emmerdale, when did they get back together and what will happen to Nate?


THE drama on the Yorkshire Dales reached its climax last night after an explosion on Cain’s boat.

Cain has finally been made aware of Moira’s affair with Nate, who shockingly revealed he is Cain’s son.

Will Cain and Moira split up in Emmerdale?

It is unknown at this point whether Cain will forgive Moira and try to fix their fractured relationship.

That probably isn’t their biggest concern at the moment after Nate’s bombshell about being Cain’s son.

The 49-year-old will definitely need some time to get his head around what transpired this past week before coming to any decision on his marriage.

When did they get back together?

This is not the first time Cain and Moira’s marriage has been on the rocks.

In 2017, Moira left Cain after he helped Adam go on the run after he took the blame for Emma Barton’s death and escaped to Amsterdam.

Cain tried for months to get back with Moira, but the Scotswoman wouldn’t budge.

But after an ultimatum from Cain which forced Moira to finally confront her true feelings. They enjoyed a passionate embrace and finally got back together.

What will happen to Nate?

It seems almost inevitable now that Nate will become a part of the Dingle family after revealing Cain is his father.

What remains to be seen is how that will transpire. It will be interesting to hear Nate’s backstory and discover who his mother is.

It is unlikely that Moira will see him in the same way again after learning she had an affair with her step-son.

Tonight’s show is set to be fascinating as we witness the fallout from all the major stories this week.


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