Will Marlon be freed from prison in Emmerdale?


MARLON Dingle is rotting in prison after being charged with Graham Fosters murder and refused bail in Emmerdale.

The real murderer Pierce Harris – who no one knows has been released early from prison – is busy tip toeing around the village stalking Rhona and going on the warpath against her enemies.

Marlon is an emotional wreck in prison in Emmerdale

Why is Marlon in prison in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale viewers know that Marlon has been imprisoned and charged with the murder of Graham Foster – who was actually killed off by Rhonas ex Pierce Harris.

Pierce was in prison for raping Rhona on their wedding day after she tried to leave him, and none of the villagers know that hes been released early.

In the wake of Graham’s gory death, the evidence was piling up against Marlon after the police discovered hed had a shouting match with Graham over his plan to escape abroad with Rhona and Leo.

Detectives then found a blood-stained torch under his kitchen sink and charged him with murder, which presumably Pierce had planted there.

Marlon has been framed for the murder of Graham Foster in Emmerdale

Whats happened to Marlon in prison so far in Emmerdale?

Marlon is a nervous wreck as he awaits his murder trial in prison.

Viewers saw Marlon pacing up and down his cell, worrying about seeing his daughter April.

When he was arrested he was adamant that April couldnt visit him behind bars as he was certain hed be released on bail.

But with Marlon held in custody while awaiting the trial and April running off in protest when the Dingles wouldnt let her visit, Marlon gave permission for her to see him face-to-face.

Marlon got emotional as April told him about the Free Marlon campaign and vowed to get him out of prison.

Marlon was shocked to learn of Graham’s death in Emmerdale

Will Marlon be released from prison?

Marlons ex Rhona is convinced of Marlons innocence and has set out to prove his innocence.

But so far viewers have watched Rhona scrabble around on completely the wrong track.

After some digging, shes convinced that Kim and Al were the masterminds behind Grahams death.

However, official spoilers have revealed that Rhona finally cottons on to rapist Pierces return next week and realises that hes been stalking her.

Will she put two and two together and realise he was the one who murdered Graham?

With exact plot details yet to be confirmed, fans will have to tune in to see what the future holds for Marlon.

Rhona has set out to prove Marlon’s innocence in Emmerdale

Why did Pierce Harris murder Graham in Emmerdale?

Pierces actions are all part of his dark obsession with his ex Rhona.

The villain has been stalking her every move and creeping into her bedroom while she sleeps to stroke her face.

Recently, while chatting to Kim in her study, viewers watched him battle an urge to kill her with a paper weight after she admitted she wished Rhona was dead as well as Graham.

Next week, Pierce will kidnap Rhonas friend Vanessa and tell her about his plan to get Rhona back.

Murdering Graham seems to have been the first stage of his plan to get Rhona back in his clutches.


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