X Factor Celebrity fans accuse Simon Cowell of changing the rules to suit him as he refuses to vote for Martin


X Factor Celebrity fans have accused Simon Cowell of changing the rules to suit himself after he refused to pick between the bottom three acts.

The music mogul, 60, instead decided to let it go to the public meaning Corrie’s Victoria Ekanoye and EastEnders Jonny Labey were sent home leaving fans furious.

Simon Cowell has been excused of changing the rules to suit himself

In previous series Simon would have been expected to vote and let the decision go to deadlock rather than just point blank refusing to say a name.

Earlier in the evening Simon had egged Nicole on to give her chair to his act Try Star instead of one her own acts.

Despite it previously appearing to be the rules that the judges gave their chair to their singers, Nicole shocked everyone as she overlooked her category in favour of the rugby players.

At one point she was heard questioning if she was allowed to do it but Simon bent the rules for her.

Victoria and Johnny ended up getting sent home over Martin
Martin forgot his words while on stage

Those watching at home were not impressed with the head honcho appearing to make stuff up as he went along and they took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person wrote: Is @SimonCowell just making the rules up as he goes along , this year #XFactorCelebrity #XFactor #SimonCowell #fixfactor.

Another added: How can @syco @SimonCowell @NicoleScherzy and @ITV expect people to take this show seriously when the judges dont! Why are #itv paying for this. Show format changing every episode and then Simon breaks the rules he makes. #XFactorCelebrity.

While someone else tweeted: Boss or not @SimonCowell changes the rules to suit him what a fix #XFactorCelebrity #fixfactor.

Jonny was expected to go far in the competition

During last nights show Martin stumbled while performing the Commodores song Easy during the live show and said: “I’ve forgotten my words, I do apologise.”

Afterwards, he said: “I’m not trying to make excuses but my song had to be changed very late so I learned this song this morning.

“I had been working on something else and rights issues meant we couldn’t do that.”


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