First Call of Duty Cold War update TODAY adds double XP and fixes loads of annoying bugs


CALL of Duty Cold War has received a huge update – letting you earn double XP for a short amount of time.

It also fixes loads of bugs that may have been annoying you since launch.

Call of Duty Cold War has already received its first update

The new shooter game came out on Friday, November 13.

It’s already hugely popular, and is available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

To keep people playing, game-maker Treyarch is offering double XP as part of a new update.

It’ll end at 6pm UK time on Tuesday, November 17 – or 10am LA time.

There are some great bug fixes in the new update

The 1.05 update is only small (as revealed by Call of Duty News), but makes some significant changes.

  • Made adjustments to objective placements
  • Made adjustments to item spawn rates
  • Adjusted vehicle drop timing to reduce the frequency of Hind, Tank, and FAV spawns
  • Directional damage indicators now point toward the vehicle when taking explosive damage from a Hind or Chopper Gunner
  • Made adjustments to the fireteam intro scene to better highlight the fireteam
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent objective waypoints from displaying in the overhead spawn view
  • Added an in-game outro scene that highlights the winning fireteam
  • Fixed a bug where players could be killed as soon as they deployed via air
  • Fixed various bugs that would cause a player to spawn away from their intended teammate on the ground from the overhead spawn view
  • Addressed an issue where players could not deposit Uranium into a dirty bomb
  • Fixed a bug where the player could be considered out of bounds when deploying from the infil plane

However, there are even bigger changes afoot.

Developers have already teased some major balancing work coming down the line.

Players have been relentlessly complaining that some weapons are too powerful, including the MP5 submachine gun in particular.

It’s likely that these issues will be addressed in the coming weeks.

In other news, here are some of the coolest Cold War next-gen features.

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And do you even have enough room to fit the game on your machine?


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