Fortnite players shocked after Epic Games BANS communicating with opponents in sudden rule change


FORTNITE players are in shock after Epic Games announced a major change to the game’s rules.

Players will essentially no longer to be able to communicate with their opponents while playing as in-game ‘signalling’ is now banned.

The rule change has surprised some Fortnite fans

Any players caught signally during official tournament matches will be punished.

Signalling means communicating with opponents via various methods in the game such as swinging an axe or moving in a way that grabs attention.

Fortnite explained: Throughout last year, players have been sending or receiving signals more commonly during official Fortnite competitions to the point where many players are confused around the ruling.

For 2020 (starting 1/20/20), we are taking action against any kind of in-game communication between opponents via signalling in official tournament matches. This includes, but is not limited to: Pick-axe swinging, Emoting, Toy tossing, Jumping.”

The rule will apply in official tournament matches

Players who are caught signalling will now receive a penalty.

Fortnite added: We want to be explicitly clear that pacifism-style gameplay is still allowed, but if signalling is involved, we will review and take appropriate action for the teaming/collusion penalty. Repeat offenders may be subject to increased penalties.

Fortnite star Ninja tweeted in response: “I can see where epic is coming from, as a spectator seeing teams and players rotating and not shooting and swinging pick axes can seem odd but with no rotation items at all professional players understand when the time to fight actually is.

“Also, jumping? Best way to dodge snipes.”

Pro player Chap replied: “Cant wait to switch to a pickaxe by habit and get banned”.

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