Fortnite Season 8 has an XP problem – but it’s getting fixed next week


ONE week into the newest season of Fortnite and all is not as it should be on the XP front.

Ever since Fortnite Season 8 went live, players have notices some significant changes to the XP system and they’ve not been for the better.

Fortnite Imposters

As it stands, the XP system is somewhat limited now that it’s reverted back to Punch Cards.

Daily and weekly challenges have been replaced with daily and weekly Punch Cards.

But the new system just isn’t doling out enough XP as these Punch Card quests are limited.

Fortnite players have turned to other game modes instead to harvest the XP needed for their Battle Pass.

Imposters mode has offered players an alternative method for grinding but Epic has just nerfed it.

The studio announced that the XP earned in Imposters mode has just been slashed by 50%.

“We’re keeping a close eye on player XP progression this season and evaluating several improvements for the near future,” it tweeted.

If you’ve been using the mode to bolster your XP progression, the news will be a bit of a blow.

Happily, an update is rolling out next week that should address XP progression and get it to a place players are satisfied with.

“We’ve noticed that XP gained in Battle Royale this season isn’t where we’d like it to be and are making a variety of improvements,” Epic said this week.

The update is set for Tuesday, September 28, and we’ll find out more about the changes when it goes live.

In the meantime, one Fortnite player over on Reddit has broken down the amount of hours you’d need to invest to hit level 100 and 200.

Titled “Mathematically Proving That XP This Season Is Worse Than We Think” the thread delves into the nitty gritty of this season’s XP system.

It concludes, “It is mathematically improbable to get to level 200 this season from only doing challenges even if you play every day.

“You will need to earn more than 4,207,250 additional XP by playing matches, doing AFK Creative, or playing Imposters game mode to get to level 200.”

Hopefully the updates will resolve the current XP progression issues, but until then, you can scratch Imposters mode off that list.

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