Fury as mum smashes son’s Xbox in ‘mommy moment’ – and is called out for abuse


REDDIT users are tearing into an anonymous Facebook mum for dressing up her abusive behaviour as a ‘mommy moment’.

A cropped social media post from an American woman glossing over her unhinged behaviour has angered the sane portion of the internet.

Abusive Facebook mum smashes son’s Xbox

The woman describes an incident that took place around a month ago in which she smashed her son’s Xbox

“Love me or hate me for it” she adds after announcing what transpired, apparently deluded enough to think anyone might condone that behaviour.

“The question is…does anyone have one they’re willing to sell?”

The OP allegedly feels bad, one month after flying into a rage and destroying her son’s belongings, and asks that everyone “help a mama out”.

It seems there’s a couple of like-minded people who find casual cruelty hilarious, judging by the reactions her post garnered in the screenshot.

But the r/trashy subreddit where it was posted was having none of it.

“Sounds more like a toxic parent moment. Teaching kids it’s okay to pitch a fit and be terrible to other people as long as you apologize for it,” said one user.

“So a ‘mommy moment’ is not being able to control your emotions like an adult and resort to petty violence? Got it,” chimed in another.

The thread is full of stories of abusive parents who write off their reprehensible behaviour as cutesy ‘mommy moments’.

The woman was also criticised for propping up her identity as a mum to get away with her behaviour as well as trying to get a good deal on a console.

“Nothing is quite as annoying as when moms refer to themselves as ‘mommas’ or ‘mommys’,” said a poster.

“You didn’t have a ‘mommy moment’, you’re just emotionally immature.”

Another said, “I like that she’s asking if anyone has one for sale like she doesn’t know where to find one. Looking for a sucker to give a discount because Game Stop doesn’t care about your story.”

This kind of behaviour would immediately be categorised as abusive if it took place within the confines of a romantic relationship.

It doesn’t suddenly become okay because you’re meting it out to a child in your care who has no choice but to endure your psychotic outbursts until they’re old enough to cut you out of their lives

The ‘momma’ didn’t mention which Xbox model is was she destroyed but if her knowledge of consoles is on a par with that of the her parenting, she likely doesn’t have a clue.

She’ll have a hard time finding a replacement if it was an Xbox Series X given their scarcity.

Hopefully she’ll invest in a parenting book or two along with that new Xbox.

Header image credit: Photo by Julien L on Unsplash

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