Genius Fortnite hack will let you play game on iPhone again despite global BAN


FORNITE fans may soon be able to play the game on their iPhones again following its dramatic ban from the Apple App Store.

That’s because the battle royale hit will soon be available on a cloud gaming service run by US tech firm Nvidia, the BBC reported Thursday.

The Fortnite app has been banned on iPhone since August

Nvidia Corp has developed a version of its GeForce cloud gaming service that runs in the mobile web browser Safari, the report said.

Apple did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment, while Epic declined to comment.

Nvidia said it would not comment on new clients coming to the service, or on the availability of any game on unannounced or unreleased platforms.

The company is expected to announce updates to its GeForce Now service later this month with support for Apple’s iOS.

Players will soon be able to play the game on iPhone and iPad using a cloud streaming service run by Nvidia, according to reports

Apple’s rules require cloud gaming companies to submit each game title in the catalogue as a separate app for Apple to review.

The master catalogue app would then provide links to the individual titles.

That requirement puts a hurdle to the seamless experience cloud gaming companies intend to provide their users.

Microsoft, which has a game-streaming feature in its premium Xbox Game Pass subscription, has previously criticised Apple for such rules.

Fortnite was banned from the App Store in August over a legal dispute regarding the large commission Apple charges iPhone apps.

The US firm takes a 30 per cent cut of cash earned by apps through the App Store – Fortnite maker Epic Games was blocked from the store after it tried to dodge this fee.

A bitter court battle between Epic and Apple rages on.

Epic is asking a Northern California court to make Apple put Fortnite back on the App Store after the California firm blocked the app last month.

The ban means fans worldwide can no longer download the app from the App Store or receive updates for the app.

Epic says that daily activity of Fornite players on iPhone has slumped by 60 per cent since the ban.

Epic is suing Apple over the restrictions, which were issued after Epic violated in-app payment guidelines.

Apple cited a direct payment feature rolled out on the Fortnite app on August 13 as the violation.

Previously, Epic used in-app payment systems that gave Apple a 30 per cent share of any funds generated from player purchases.

Epic sued in US court seeking no money from Apple, but rather an injunction that would end many of the company’s app store practices.

The California firm has come under fire in recent years for operating a “monopoly” in which it stifles competition and takes colossal cuts on sales made through its App Store.

The full court hearing began at the end of August and it isn’t looking like Fortnite will be reappearing on the App Store any time soon.

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