Parents anguish as Fortnite addict son spends their $20,000 savings on Twitch gamer stars


A TEEN Fornite addict has allegedly squandered $20,000 (£16,000) worth of his parents savings by making donations on Twitch.

The video game live-streaming service allows you to spend money on your favourite players and the parents have failed to get their money back.

The parents want to keep their son’s identity private

The parents want to remain anonymous to protect their sons identity but posted about the $19,870.94 charge on Reddit.

The post described how the couple had saved the money for years but lost it in just 17 days this June thanks to their teens careless spending.

Dot Esports reported seeing a copy of the bank statement.

The publication spoke to the mother of the teen and she told them: “When I saw the bank balances were almost gone, my lips started to tingle and I had to put my head down so I wouldn’t pass out.

You can spend money on Twitch via things like donations to your favourite gamers and subscriptions

“I cried at first. I didn’t believe he could’ve done this.”

Her son is said to have spent the money on the Twitch streamers Tfue, Gorb and Ewokttv amongst others.

Apparently, the teenager was given a debit card to buy school supplies but he then began transfer money from his mother’s account by somehow seeing her password.

When she confronted him he is said to have admitted spending a lot but had no idea it was around $20,000.

His mother told Dot Esports: “I contacted my bank as soon as I found out and they froze all of our accounts, and his debit card was canceled.

“Unless I press charges against my son, they will not help as this is considered friendly fraud.”

She has contacted Twitch about the problem but says she hasn’t heard back.

She’s even contacted Twich CEO Emmett Shear, Amazon’s legal team and the streamers who were paid the money.

She told told Dot Esports: “I work too many hours, and have not paid close enough attention to what he was doing online.

“His internet knowledge has absolutely surpassed mine… My focus now though is trying to figure out why he did it so I can make sure this is the one giant mistake he makes in his life.”

We have reached out to Twitch for comment.

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