Pokemon GO players crack the ultimate egg-hatching trick


Pokemon GO players have found an exploit to hatch eggs that will save you steps.

It ties into GPS drift, which is an issue that occurs when your device location is showing up as completely different to your actual physical location.

Pokemon GO eggs

Redditor u/scusie alerted fellow trainers to the bizarre bug that appears to kick in when the device the game is installed on is high up. We’re talking 34th floor high up, in this instance.

“I’m on the 34th floor and it bugs out my Pokémon Go and makes it think I am wandering all over the city from my living room,” the say in the post.

“If I sit on my couch I can hatch a 2k egg in less than 10 min.

“How beautiful.”

They’re not wrong. Chilling out in the living room while your egg thinks you’re out there getting some serious steps in sounds like bliss.

It might defeat the purpose of the game somewhat, but hey, sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a walk.

The consensus in the thread seems to support the OP, with users chiming in to say they’ve experienced the same GPS drift in tall buildings.

“In Las Vegas I was pretty high up and I hatched so many 12km eggs,” said one redditor.

“Wow that explains why I had sweet gps drift on the 12th floor,” added another.

The thread also uncovered an unfortunate glitch for iOS users that has the opposite effect.

“I’m on a IOS and apparently the thing that tracks your KM is broken. I’ve tested this too with a Fitbit. On average every 10 km I walk it tracks 5 km sometimes even less. It’s very irritating,” said one redditor.

A number of comments confirmed the issue, so iOS users who have been burned like this might want to make friends with someone who lives in tall apartment building, to make up for lost eggs.

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