PS5 and Xbox Series X could cost 600 as experts reveal new price predictions


THE new Xbox and PlayStation consoles could cost upwards of 600 when they launch later this year, according to experts.

Dubbed the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the pair will reportedly share similar price tags, specs and features when they hit shelves in late 2020.

This SunOnline render based on Sony patents reveals how to PS5 could shape up when it launches later this year

Both Microsoft and Sony have broken cover in recent months to confirm they’re building new consoles.

Few details have emerged, though each promises more power and better graphics than any gaming machine before it.

And while we know a release date “Holidays 2020”, or, likely sometime in November Microsoft and Sony have kept tight-lipped on price tags.

That may be because they’ll be among the most expensive consoles in recent memory, according to analysts.

We still don’t know what the PS5 will look like, but we know it’s coming in late 2020

“I expect pricing of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X to be similar,” IHS Markit Technology’s Piers Harding-Rolls told gaming news site Games Industry.

“It’s more likely than not they will be higher than the PS4 launch price point of $399 [399].”

The lofty pricing may push Microsoft to release two consoles in its bid to bag more sales than Sony.

“A high price point may prompt Microsoft to … release a less powerful, cheaper version of its next-gen platform during the launch window,” Harding-Rolls said.

“I don’t expect Sony to follow this product strategy at launch.”

Among the predicted prices of the next generation, gaming consoles were $450, $500, and $600. It’s likely the consoles will launch at those same price points in the UK, meaning between 450 and 600.

Other analysts predicted that the two consoles will share similar specs, pricing and features.

“Both consoles will be a lot more similar to each other in terms of specs, pricing, and features when compared to the last generation,” said Serkan Toto of Kantan Games.

“Microsoft will likely avoid shenanigans like higher price (I expect $499 price tags for both), weaker specs, restrictions to used disc sales etc.”

The new Xbox X Series has a strange vertical design

The new console is the followup to the Xbox One X

Microsoft confirmed last month that its new console would be named the Xbox Series X.

The new console will apparently run games at 4K resolution – double that of HD – with the possibility of running 8K.

It will also process games faster so as to “eliminate” loading times. A new Halo title will launch with the console.

Sony got in a bit before Microsoft, revealing details of its PS5 console in October, 2019.

Loading up a game on the PlayStation 5 will be ten times faster than on PS4, according to Sony.

Microsoft unveiled its upcoming console last month.

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