PS5 buyers beware: Best Buy stops refunds on its early access Total Tech membership


EAGER gamers looking to get a head start on the hunt for a PS5 with Best Buy’s new Total Tech membership should think again.

The retailer announced the program earlier this month, and it’ll set you back $199.99 per year.

Best Buy Total Tech tightens up refund policy
  • Best Buy Totaltech membership – sign up for $199.99/year

It’s a pretty steep upfront cost but there’s a plethora of perks thrown in.

The main draw, of course, is the “exclusive access to hot products” which grants members first dibs on “hard-to-find products”.

A lot of people might be enticed to sign up just for early or excusive access to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 restocks.

But if you were hoping to sign up, grab yourself a PS5 with the exclusive access event, and then get a refund – think again.

PS5 stock tracker extraordinaire, Jake Randall, has highlighted the terms regarding refunds over on his Twitter account.

Pictured above, the terms of exclusive access stipulate that the retail value of items bought during the membership can be deducted from “eligible refunds” if membership is cancelled.

In a nutshell, if you sign up for $200 and buy a $500 PS5, it’s entirely possible that you’re not getting your money back.

Randall notes that “some people were able to get a full refund after the last PS5 restock.”

He recommends doing so as soon as possible “as they will probably tighten up on this as they get more used to regulating it.”

He adds that “the language in the policy makes it so they can keep your membership fee.”

If you’re contemplating signing up for Best Buy Total Tech just for access to a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, bear in mind that your plan to get a refund immediately has been foiled.

So check out the perks and make your peace with the fact that you’ll have to pony up a couple hundred dollars that you won’t get back, leaving you $700 out of pocket for a new console.

If you’re looking for alternatives, GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro offers similar access to hard-to-find tech.

It doesn’t include the rest of the benefits, but if you don’t care about that, it’s a lot cheaper at $14.99/year.

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