PS5 controller may have been revealed by gadget fans in stunning 3D concept video


SONY is keeping its upcoming PlayStation 5 console under tight wraps but the final design of the PS5 joypad may have been revealed.

A gadget-obsessed designer has mocked up 3D renders of the controller based on official information, leaks and some old-fashioned creativity.

This could be our best look yet at the new PS5 controller
Sony hasn’t released official images, but these concept designs but be a close match
The controller’s existence has already been confirmed by Sony
We’re expecting pro-style features for hardcore gamers

The PS5 is already confirmed for a 2020 launch, and Sony has teased a number of details about the console.

But we still haven’t seen the official design for the next-gen gaming machine or its joypad.

Now 3D designer Giuseppe Spinelli has released a video animation for the PS5 controller in collaboration with tech blog LetsGoDigital.

The video isn’t an official Sony production, but may be our best look yet at what the PS5 joypad could look like.

Sony is keeping the controller’s true design a closely guarded secret
Back paddles could feature on the new design
Gamers have long been divided over whether the PlayStation controller trumps its Xbox equivalent
The PS4 controller was hugely popular, but the PS5 joypad could be even better

We’re also expecting back paddles to feature on the controller.

That’s because Sony recently unveiled a back-paddle attachment for the current PS4 controller.

It comprises of two programmable “paddle” buttons that Sony describes as “highly tactile”.

You can map up to 16 different actions to these buttons, to give you an edge over enemies.

And the add-on also includes a small OLED screen that displays real-time info on your button assignments.

There’s a 3.5mm port for a headphone jack, and a clip function to attach the paddles to your controller.

The idea is that the paddles make it quicker to perform some functions in games.

Response times can be hugely important in twitchy multiplayer games likeCall of Duty.

There’s a dedicated button on the attachment to quickly and easily remap your buttons.

And you can save up to three different profiles at a time to use across various games.

The controller is expected to provide “touch feedback” to gamers but details on the feature are still light
Sony is likely to unveil the PS5 and its controller within the next few weeks

Sony has already revealed some early details about the PS5 joypad.

The new controller will feature haptic feedback that replaces the “rumble” technology typically found in joypads.

Haptic literally means “relating to touch”, and so it’s about providing better touch feedback to your hands.

That means more vibrating motors in your controller in places like the triggers and even joysticks to give what PlayStation calls “a broader range of feedback”.

“Crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field,” said PlayStation boss Jim Ryan.

“You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud.”

The new controller will also feature adaptive triggers technology built into the L2 and R2 trigger buttons.

The PS5 probably won’t land until just before Christmas
High-performance triggers will be ideal for Call of Duty players
Sony recently unveiled its PS5 logo, which is very similar to the PS4 logo

Developers will be able to program the resistance of these triggers so you can feel the “tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow”, for instance.

Game creators are already receiving early versions of the new controller.

Sadly, Sony hasn’t officially unveiled the design of the new PS5 controller.

Until that happens, take all leaks, rumours and concepts with a pinch of salt.

In other news, the PS5 reveal could be just days away now.

We recently revealed all the possiblePS5 exclusive games for launch day.

And Microsoft unveiled its new console, the Xbox Series X, last month.

Are you planning to get the PS5 or Xbox Series X this year? Let us know in the comments!


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