PS5 reveal just weeks away as game maker promises February launch


SONY could reveal the PlayStation 5 in a matter of days or weeks, according to a top game maker.

Fresh claims about the PS5 release date suggest the next-gen console will be unveiled on or before February 13.

Sony recently unveiled its PS5 logo, which is very similar to the PS4 logo

Sony has already confirmed that the PS5 is coming out this year.

But its exact reveal and release dates still remains a mystery.

Now in a series of tweets, God of War game developer and designer David Scott Jaffe said that a launch is imminent.

“PS5 reveal is less than 4 weeks away,” Jaffe wrote.

An anonymous 4chan ‘leaker’ recently uploaded this photo could it be our first glimpse of the PS5?

“Sony knows hard core gamers are hanging on every scrap of info and know that just cause MSFT dominates the conversation at the moment.

“That’s an easy thing to change when they are ready to reveal (assuming the reveal is good).”

In a later tweet, he added: “I want to say it’s the worst kept secret in games right now.

“February reveal like they did for PS4.”

Jaffe is notable for having worked on Twisted Metal and God of War both popular PlayStation exclusives.

His tweet was posted on January 16, which means the reveal would be fewer than 28 days away.

That would put the event on or before February 13.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard word of an early February launch.

PS5 design
Sony hasn’t revealed its final PS5 design, but these renders mocked up by artist @FalconDesign3D could be very close
PS5 design
Rumours suggest Sony is just a few weeks away from unveiling the PS5

Last week, an anonymous 4chan user posted a detailed and convincing post with information about the console and a blurry photo of the gadget.

According to the unnamed “leaker”, the console will be unveiled on February 5, 2020, and will cost 449 / $499 / 449 / 54,999.

It’s claimed that this launch event will take place at the ritzy Sony Hall a Sony-sponsored venue in New York City.

According to the Sony Hall events calendar, no public or private bookings are scheduled for February 5.

That means the venue appears to be free for a Sony event, if one were being planned in secret.

Marketing buzz-phrases for the console are listed as “little to no load times”, “blazing fast downloads”, and “download the games, or stream the games as an option”.

Of particular excitement to Sony fans is the rumoured support for “backwards compatibility”.

This is the ability to play old games on the PS5 console from all five platforms: PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4.

Some of the rumoured launch titles include Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 21, Demon Souls Remastered, Godfall and Legendz.

Pre-orders are tipped as going live on the same day as the launch event, but the actual on-sale day is tipped to fall in October 2020.

Previous rumours have put the actual PS5 retail release as being much closer to Christmas.

PS5 design
The renders give us a possible early look at Sony’s secret PS5 design
PS5 design
The console sports a striking “X” shape

The bad news is that it’s impossible to verify this “leak”, and the information could easily have been fabricated.

However, the level of detail in the post is very high,

Sony is unlikely to confirm this leak, so we probably won’t know the truth until the official launch. Until then, take all rumours and leaks with due caution.

We’ve asked Sony for comment and will update this story with any response.

These renders in this story were created by Falcon Design.

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Will you be buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X this year? Let us know in the comments!


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