Twitch handing out 7MILLION contracts to bag top gamers in costly streaming wars


STREAMING sites like Twitch are handing relatively unknown gamers contracts worth 7million as the so-called streaming wars heat up.

That’s according to a bombshell new report, which reveals the lengths Twitch and rivals Mixer are going to to secure the world’s top gaming stars.

Streaming sites like Twitch are handing gamers contracts worth 7million

Twitch, bankrolled by Amazon, is battling it out with Microsoft-backed Mixer and other platforms like Facebook Gaming and YouTube to be crowned the world’s dominant streaming site.

To do that, each needs to pull in new viewers by tying down top talent mostly video game streamers with lucrative exclusive contracts.

Backed by the financial might of several US tech giants, the escalating tug-of-war has proved a goldmine for basement-dwelling streamers, reports CNN.

Gamers already on Twitch the biggest and longest-running platform of the pack are being offered exorbitant sums to jump into bed with its rivals, according to Ryan Morrison, CEO of online talent agency Evolved.

The streaming wars began when hugely popular Fortnite gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins moved from Twitch to Mixer in August

Ryan estimated that Twitch gamers with relatively low followings of around 10,000 regular viewers are garnering offers topping 7million.

Those with smaller followings are getting handouts of up to 800,000, he added.

Nabbing streamers with established followings is a crucial step for tech giants to establish themselves as true gaming destinations.

The streaming wars began when hugely popular Fortnite gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins moved from Twitch to Mixer in August.

The deal, which saw Ninja, 28, leave behind 14million Twitch followers, was worth a reported 23million, according to Justin Warden, CEO of Ader, a marketing and talent management agency that works with Ninja.

Twitch megastar Shroud defected to rival service Mixer in October in a deal worth up to 10million

“Now the streaming wars have begun,” said Devin Nash, chief marketing officer at N3RDFUSION, a talent agency that represents Twitch and YouTube influencers.

“But it took someone to fire the first shot. That was Ninja.”

Ninja was followed closely by Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, another Fortnite behemoth who moved from Twitch to Mixer in October.

The 25-year-old Canadian’s exclusive deal with the site is worth up to 10million. He had 7million followers on Twitch.

Streaming sites like Twitch and Mixer rake in cash via paid subscriptions and advertising revenue.

Twitch boasts 15million daily users and is worth an estimated 3billion.

Backed by Silicon Valley billions, its rivals are quickly catching up.

Companies are betting big on competitive gaming also known as “esports”.

Fans spend millions of hours online watching others play video games every day, according to CNN.

Video gaming content generated 5billion in revenue in 2019, according to Superdata, a company that tracks the video game industry.

In other news, Fortnite’s biggest stars earn more than Premier League footballers like Harry Kane and Virgil Van Dijk, according to a report.

YouTube megastar PewDiePie made 54million from online ads and merchandise last year before quitting the video site, experts claim.

And, find out how pro Fortnite players like Ninja actually earn their cash.

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