You can play Xbox games on your iPhone or iPad THIS week – how to do it


GAMERS can now play blockbuster Xbox games on their iPhones and iPads using a new app.

Dubbed Xbox Cloud Gaming, the platform promises to let you play games anywhere, anytime by plugging your mobile into an Xbox One controller.

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A group of lucky testers have been selected to try out the Xbox Cloud Gaming service

After testing the software for several months, Microsoft rolled out Cloud Gaming to iPhones and iPads on Tuesday, according to an official blog post.

A handful of invitations have been sent out to users of its console cloud streaming service, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Recipients will have the opportunity to test a limited “beta” version of the service on their Apple devices before general release in the coming months.

There are more than 100 titles available to play.

The snazzy tech lets you stream Xbox games to your mobile over the internet

Xbox Cloud Gaming runs on games console – specifically, Xbox One X – hardware modified to run in a data centre.

Games are streamed over the internet straight to your phone or tablet, without the need for a console or TV.

It promises to let users play Xbox games on any device with a screen and an internet connection.

Microsoft is still testing the complex technology, but hopes to have an iOS version ready for release this year.

An app launched on Android in 2020. The iOS version will run through a browser app, such as Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

According to Microsoft’s blog post, more Games Pass Ultimate subscribers will be invited to the beta as the technology is developed.

To take part, you’ll need a compatible Bluetooth or USB-connected controller to start playing.

You can also play using custom touch controls. Around 50 of the 100-game library currently support touch controls.


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