Hollyoaks Stephanie Davis insists shes NOT the Queen Bee on Masked Singer but promises new music soon


STEPHANIE Davis insisted she’s not the Masked Singer’s Queen Bee after being bombarded with tweets from fans asking if it could be her.

The Hollyoaks star, 26, is hard at work on her own music though, and she told fans it won’t be long before they hear it.

Stephanie Davis insisted she’s not the Masked Singer’s Queen Bee

Addressing the speculation on Twitter, she wrote: “I am NOT the masked singer lol, the amount of tweets Im getting .

“Sorry guys its not me, BUT my music IS coming Get ready!!!! X.”

In November Steph revealed she was recording new music after splitting from boyfriend Owen Warner.

The actress gushed “dreams do come true” as she posted snaps from inside the studio.

Queen Bee is through to Saturdays semi final

Stephanie has been in the studio working on new music

Stephanie became famous as a teenager in 2010 when she competed in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s BBC talent show looking for the next Wizard of Oz star.

She made it to the fifth week before being cast in Hollyoaks soon after the show ended.

She was sacked five years later after turning up “unfit for work” and ended up on Celebrity Big Brother where she met her ex Jeremy McConnell.

The pair had a toxic relationship and Jeremy wasfound guilty of battering on/off girlfriend Steph Davis in a cocaine-fuelled row.

She wrote songs to help ease her heartbreak

Stephanie put her dreams of singing on a stage on the back burner during her turbulent personal troubles.

But things turned around for the actress last year when Hollyoaks brought her back three years after her sacking.

She’s told fans she was living the dream by recording new music.

Stephanie said: “Whats going on at the moment, its madness, absolutely blessed! Dreams do come true!”

Steph split from Owen Warner in September after nine months

She added: “Just finished in the studio, Writing, what a day, what a song!!

“The songs we have just wrote…. brace your selfs. #music #industry #ready #release #coming #soon #haveittt #writing #mydaysss #lightsout #letmeletyou #youhearditherefirst”

Stephanie also shared an inspirational message as she reflected on her life. It said: “She felt something click inside.

“She suddenly realised she was no longer available for careers, relationships or thoughts that were not in alignment with her highest expression, desires and truth.

Stephanie first became famous on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s BBC show in 2010

“Her worthiness had grown roots and she was now unshakeable in the belief that she was worthy of a life of magic.

“And she knew that the only person that could give her that… was herself.

“So she put on her crown and got to work.”

Stephanie split from her co-star boyfriend Owen Warner in September after nine months of dating.


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