The Masked Singer attracts fetish fans who are turned on by animal costumes


THE Masked Singer has attracted fetish fans who are turned on by animal costumes.

The ITV show features celebrities dressed up as a range of creatures from foxes to a chameleon, which even Rita Ora fancied.

The Masked Singer has attracted viewers who are attracted to animal costumes

Furries which is a name for men and women who get a sexual thrill from dressing up as animals have started tuning in to see them strut their stuff each week.

Discussing them being on TV, one person wrote: #TheMaskedSinger is just a socially acceptable outlet for Furries and I cant tell if thats a good or a bad thing.

Another added: Ok, is it just me or has mainstream TV exploited the fetish scene by having furries dance and sing on #TheMaskedSinger??

While someone else tweeted: “So i hate to do this to you all but… are furries getting off to this? #TheMaskedSinger.

Fans have made no secret of liking The Fox’s costume – who turned out to be Denise Van Outen

A spokesperson for Donthugcacti told The Daily Star: Its very popular. And furries talk about the costumes.

Earlier this series, which ends tonight, Rita Ora was really taken with the Chameleon, who wore a very tight costume.

She giggled: “He looks fit. I never thought I’d fancy a chameleon.”

The other judges joined in too as cheeky Jonathan Ross quipped: “Chameleon’s are supposed to disappear, I can see EVERYTHING in that outfit.”

Rita Ora and the viewers also fancied Chameleon until they realised it was Justin Hawkins

And not even Davina McCall was immune to his charms as she commented, “Really lovely body.”

Those watching at home were a little cruder and couldnt resist commenting on his bugle.

Rita later changed her mind about liking him when she realised he was The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins.

Tonight the three remaining celebrities on The Masked Singer are set to have their identities revealed.

Octopus, Hedgehog and Queen Bee remain in the running and are yet to be unmasked in front of the audience.


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