Ricki Lake grills Love Islanders about sex lives as Simon Cowells dog appears in X Factor: Celebrity outtakes


LOVE Island stars Wes Nelson, Eyal Booker, Samira Mighty and Zara McDermott were left gobsmacked on the set of The X Factor: Celebrity after Ricki Lake quizzed them about their sex lives.

In a series of exclusive and funny outtakes caught on camera during filming, the US talk show host can be seen asking them if they all share a bed.

X Factor: Celebrity’s Love Island supergroup is stunned by Ricki Lake’s questioning
Ricki asked them if they all sleep together

With her back to the camera, Ricki asks: “Do you all sleep with each other?”

While the boys look stunned, and Samira pulls a horrified face, Zara pushes her hair back and tells Ricki in a high-pitched voice: “Oh no!”

The X Factor: Celebrity kicked off last weekend and it appears there were plenty of high jinx behind the scenes.

In another clip, Simon Cowell can be seen scooting his pet dog away after it scampers on set while he was being filmed.

Simon Cowell’s pet dog can be seen wandering into view in another outtake

Simon tells his pooch: “We need continuity, darling. Come on.”

A member of the crew then scoops up his mutt and runs off camera with her.

Elsewhere, Simon can be heard quietly admitting to fellow judges Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh: “My shorts are falling down…”

This must have been an unfamiliar experience for newly-slimmed down Simon, who is famed for his high-waisted trousers.

Simon is having waistband issues in another clip

Nicole was also captured taking a selfie while declaring: “If only you could see how good it is, though!”

In another outtake, she simply shouts, “GUYS! HAIR!” to the team of hair and make-up artists.

The most bizarre scene shows an oblivious passer-by riding a scooter while The Chase’s Jenny Ryan is filming a piece to camera.

It looks as though the girl sails into a bush before Jenny turns around to look.

The X Factor: Celebrity continues this weekend

The X Factor: Celebrity continues this Saturday night after its hotly-anticipated premiere last weekend.

Simon has revamped his hit singing contest, giving a platform for people in the public eye, instead of regular contestants.

But while fans have given the new version a big thumbs up, not everyone taking part came across quite as they had hoped.

After the show’s launch, former Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole issued a grovelling apology for making a “bitchy” comment about YouTube stars Max and Harvey, both 16.

This weekend will see Ricki perform for the first time in front of the judges, along with former Towie star Megan McKenna, Coronation Street actress Victoria Ekanoye, Love Actually’s Olivia Olson and EastEnders’ Johnny Labey.

Social media influencers Sofia, Alondra, Laura, Natalie and Wendii are hoping to be the next big girl band, while Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones is also yet to appear in the new series.

See the full line-uphere.

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