When does X Factor The Band start, who are the judges and what happened to X Factor All Stars?


IT’S all change at X Factor this year as Simon Cowell ditches the new All Stars version in order to find Britain’s new pop super group.

So what will happen to X Factor All Stars now that X Factor The Band is taking its place? Here’s the lowdown…

Simon Cowell has decided to ditch X Factor All Stars for X Factor The Band instead

When does X Factor The Band start?

Simon Cowell and the gang will begin their search for pop’s newest band in December 2019.

The exact star date isn’t known just yet but auditions are set to kick off real soon.

An ITV spokesperson said: We are hugely excited to confirm The X Factor: The Band to air in December 2019 on ITV.

“Simon Cowell and The X Factor have discovered some of the biggest pop groups in history, including One Direction, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. Now the aim is to find the new superstar group though now in record-breaking time.”


He is hoping to find the next One Direction or Little Mix in order to take of K-Pop groups

Who are X Factor The Band judges?

It is not yet known if Louis Walsh and Paula Abdul will be judges on the show, after they were rumoured to be taking part in X Factor All Stars.

Simon sayswants to find a new pop phenomenon to compete with Korean K-Pop acts such as the top-selling boy band BTS.

And we can be sure that the music mogul will be part of the panel when the search begins.


Simon has not revealed what this means for the future of X Factor All Stars

What happened to X Factor All Stars?

Simon Cowell is now ditching X Factor: All Stars for the competition to find a pop band.

His decision to search for a new band in 2019 has a lot to do with the fact his former act Little Mix will be doing their own search with the BBC next year.

Speaking to The Sun, Simon admitted: “It was too much fun not to do this year. I would rather it was us doing it first.

“It 100 per cent makes it more exciting there being a battle.

How can I audition for X Factor The Band?

Auditions will take place soon at Sony Music in London, but details haven’t been confirmed just yet.

Hopeful contestants can audition either in person or via video –visit hereto find out more.

The live finals will be held at Birmingham Arena in the week the country goes to the polls in December.

Simon told The Sun: Its the week of the General Election. So it will be the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom.”

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