X Factor viewers spot Louis Walshs autocue revealed Kevin was going through before he hit the button


X Factor viewers have claimed that the show is fixed after spotting that Louis Walshs autocue revealed Kevin McHale was going through before he even hit the button.

On Saturday nights show Louis decided to give the Glee star a chair to the next round following his performance but fans now think it was all pre planned.

Viewers spotted the autocue behind Louis Walsh revealed Kevin was through before the button was pressed

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted an autocue behind the judge as he stood up to press the button, which read: Congrats, through to next week

One person who noticed it took to Twitter and wrote: Congrats. Through to next week on the autocue. No so spontaneous eh Louis Walsh? #xfactor #isitafix #celebrityxfactor.

However it is likely the autocue simply changed as soon as Louis stood up so Dermot would know what to say – and it wasn’t for Louis at all.

It wasnt the only time the show was questioned over the weekend as viewers also branded it a fix after Martin Bashir was saved once again, despite forgetting his words.

Simon Cowell refused to have the deciding vote when faced with the bottom three, meaning the decision went back to the public vote.

Kevin wowed the judges with his performance on Saturday night
Louis was particularly taken with the performance and decided to give him his chair

Corrie’s Victoria Ekanoye and EastEnders Jonny Labey received viewer votes and were therefore sent home.

It came after Martin, 56, stopped singing while attempting Lionel Richie’s Easy, telling fans: “I’ve forgotten my words – I do apologise.”

Martin, who famouslyinterviewed Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, was left awkwardly swaying on stage while the backing singers carried on.

Looking devastated by his mistake afterwards, he told host Dermot O’Leary: “I’m not trying to make excuses but my song had to be changed very late.

The Glee star was delighted when he was given a seat to the next round
Kevin will now be performing in next week’s show

“I had to learn my song this morning. I was working on something else.

“I’ve been anxious all evening and it just went out of my mind I’m afraid. I apologise.”

However, fans were not impressed by Simon Cowell refusing to cast his vote – meaning the decision was down to the public.

One raged: “X Factor is such a fix, how the hell did someone go through who lost majority of the lyrics to the song they were singing.”

Another fumed: “Its results like this that put viewers off. Cowell should have had guts and sent Martin home.”

The Sun Online has contacted X Factor for comment.

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