Ant and Dec stun fans with flawless magic trick that sees Ant ‘lose his head’


ANT and Dec pulled out their trusty magic inflatable ring to stun fans with another trick that saw Ant ‘lose his head’.

The comedic duo are keeping their fans entertained with a series of fun videos on their Instagram.

Dec got a shock when Ant’s head popped through

Earlier this month, Dec was the victim when he ‘magically’ disappeared through the blow-up ring.

Now, eager to get some revenge he used the device to reach through time and space and land a neat slap on Ant’s face.

Sat in his deck chair reading a periodical on Newcastle United, the rubber ring rolled over to Ant and he curiously picked it up.

Just then, Dec reached through the hole and slapped his best mate’s sunglasses clean off.

Dec was in a cheeky mood and wanted to prank Ant
Ant got a shock when Dec reached through and slapped him

An outraged Ant then used the floating aid to transport his head over to Dec and scare him.

However things backfired when Dec threw the ring away and with it Ant’s head, leaving him completely headless.

The funny duo captioned the video: “Some advice for revenge: keep cool… don’t lose your head 👀

Their followers love the comedic break, rushing to the comments section to spread the love.

Ant had been minding his business reading a book about Newcastle United
Seeing Ant’s head, Dec through it away

One fan wrote: “BEST DUO EVERRRR”

While another simple put a series of crying laughing face emojis: “😂 😂 😂 😂

And a third joked: “Oh my goodness. 😂 😂 😂 @stephenmulhern will be fuming! Brilliant as always – thanks for the laugh! ❤

Ant and Dec recently thanked their fans for helping them hit four million followers with a hilarious new golfing prank video.

Dec was getting his revenge on Ant for making him disappear
The duo love a magic trick to entertain their fans

The Geordie duo were seen in their respective gardens as Ant hit a golf ball into the distance and accidentally knocked Dec in the face and to the floor.

Dressed in a red polo shirt, checked trousers and trainers, Ant looked tanned and handsome as he swung the golf club and hit the ball.

Meanwhile, Dec was also in his back garden, giving fans a peek at his trees and a gorgeous patio.

Wearing a dark shirt and blue shorts, Dec can be seen holding his phone with an astonished and proud look on his face.

He says to best pal, Ant: “Hey! Have you seen how many million followers we’ve just hit on Instagram?”

Adorable Dec excitedly replies: “Yeah you’ve seen it too, did ya? Four million! Well that’s amazing.”

This carries on for a couple of seconds before the camera flips back to Dec and he thanks all their followers. Flashing a big grin, he’s suddenly knocked in the face with a golf ball and knocked over.

Dec is then seen unhurt but looking a little shocked.

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